Where is the serial number on my VoltBike?

Where is the serial number on my VoltBike?

The best chance of recovering a stolen bicycle is ensuring a registered serial number.
These numbers are used by law enforcement around the world.
Most bike companies like VoltBike do not retain a record of the serial numbers for the bikes sold, but we encourage our customers to record their serial numbers for their records. 
The serial number on VoltBike bikes are located on the front headset just above the front fork.
They are engraved, and if you are having difficulty finding them, you may want to use your fingertips to feel for them.

The registration sites we would recommend using would be the bike index,   Bike Index - Bike registration that works and 529 Garage   529 Garage: Register. Respond. Recover. | Join the World's Largest Bicycle Registration Service to Protect Your Bike (project529.com)

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